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In a meeting held on Tuesday, December 13th, forming of a working body was agreed to work on facilitating waste recycling procedures in 2023. At the same time, a public call is open for the distribution of composters to interested residents of Sarajevo Canton.

Cooperation of Public and Private Sector for Cleaner Sarajevo

Cleaner Sarajevo and environmental protection through the increase of the scope of recycling and reduction of waste disposed at the Regional Landfill Smiljevici is the common goal of stakeholders gathered by the international organization People in Need in Bosnia and Herzegovina, within the project “Effective System of Waste Management in the Canton Sarajevo”, financed by the Government of Czech Republic.

At the meeting held on December 13th, it was agreed to to form a working group that would be consisted of the representatives of KJKP “RAD”, companies interested in taking over and processing recycling waste, municipalities Centar, Hadzici, Ilidza, Ilijas, Novo Sarajevo, Stari Grad, Trnovo and Vogosca and the Ministry of communal economy, infrastructure, spatial planning, construction and environmental protection of Canton Sarajevo. In this way, efforts are being made to formulate concrete solutions for the additional inclusion of the private sector in the recycling waste management system.

We are extremely satisfied with the agreement we reached today. With the support from People in Need in BiH and the Government of Czech Republic, we managed to talk to additional companies interested in waste management with which, unfortunately, we did not have cooperation until now”, said Maida Čukojević, head of technical preparation of the Public Hygiene Department in KJKP “RAD”. Čukojević stressed that this type of cooperation between different companies that have direct benefits from recycling also has an essential impact on residents of Canton Sarajevo.

There are kinds of waste that must not be disposed of at the Smiljevici landfill. This, for example, is the case with car tires that can be fully recycled, which we managed to do so far with very limited success. These tires can be used in asphalt production, but KJKP “RAD” is not licensed to process this type of waste”, Čukojević explained.

According to practice so far, KJKP “RAD” collects, sorts, and bales recycling waste that is then sold to private companies through a public call. Through the activities of the working group, it is expected that this process would be made easier and that the waste collected in recycling yards and eco-islands would be taken over by companies licensed to manage different types of waste.

Another important part of the work of the future working group is forwarding the initiatives towards competent ministries at cantonal, entity, and state levels in order to facilitate legal regulations when obtaining a permit for the management of different types of waste, and directives related to the management of landfills. Considering that representatives of the municipalities will also participate in the working group, it will be ensured that the needs of the residents of Sarajevo Canton are heard.

The main focus of our project is the needs of the citizens of Sarajevo that in large part expressed their willingness to sort the household waste. That is why through our project we are securing the necessary equipment – skips, eco-islands and composters, in order to provide the citizens with all the necessary conditions for sorting. However, our project does not stop at that”, stressed Samir Arnautović, manager of the project “Effective System of Waste Management in Canton Sarajevo” from PIN BiH. He added that one of the main concerns of the citizens of Sarajevo is what happens with the recycling waste because what they see is that the sorted waste is loaded on the same truck.

Recycled waste is not disposed of at the landfill, but is transported to a sorting facility that is also at the site of the Regional Landfill Smiljevici, and is being further prepared and baled. We are aware that this process must be improved and that is why we are supporting our partner KJKP “RAD” and connecting all stakeholders interested in this process – from local communities, whose goal is a clean environment and waste reduction, through decision-makers to companies that generate income from waste management”, Arnautović said.

Composting as a solution for bio-waste

It was pointed out at the meeting that as much as 50% of communal waste is bio-waste which makes sorting more difficult, contaminates waste and makes it unsuitable for recycling, and takes up capacities of the landfill. This waste is suitable for composting, which allows farmers to reduce the costs of purchasing compost for their properties, and at the same time, the filling of the Smiljevići landfill is slowed down, which is why all the inhabitants of Sarajevo Canton benefit.

Through the project 'Effective System of Waste Management in Canton Sarajevo' we secured composters with a capacity of 700 liters. The public call for awarding these composters is ongoing. Citizens who have greenhouses and arable land in Canton Sarajevo can get these composters free of charge and all they need to do is to fill out a form they can find on the websites of KJKP “RAD” or the Ministry of communal economy, infrastructure, spatial planning, construction and environmental protection of Canton Sarajevo”, stressed Arnautović and adds that the composters remain the property of citizens who receive them.

Procurement of Sorting and Recycling Containers for Sarajevo Canton

International organization People in Need implements a strategic developmental project “Effective System of Waste Management in Canton Sarajevo” with financial support from the Government of the Czech Republic. The project valued at 2.6 million convertible marks aims to contribute to improving waste management in Canton Sarajevo.

The Project includes support to capacity building of KJKP “RAD”, procurement of containers for sorting and recycling waste, strengthening consciousness on proper waste sorting and recycling among the citizens of Canton Sarajevo, and the procurement of 770 containers for sorting waste, 5000 bins and 2000 composters for houses and equipment for one recycling yard with the site of 1,000 m2 as well as education of key staff of KJKP “RAD”, establishing efficient coordination and a campaign to increase the consciousness on the importance of sorting and recycling waste.

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