Tender: Purchase of Hybrid Car

Published: Dec 1, 2023 Reading time: 1 minute
Tender: Purchase of Hybrid Car
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People in Need is currently seeking a qualified company for the procurement of a hybrid car.

Offers should be submitted no later than December 8, 2023. (Friday) until 1 p.m. to the email address procurement.bih@peopleinneed.net

If any of the bidders requires any clarification relating to the tender, such question should be sent to PIN by e-mail to the following e-mail address procurement.bih@peopleinneed.net. If PIN answers the question, all other bidders will be copied the answer. Communication will be held through e-mail.

To ensure that PIN could copy the answer to all bidders, all bidders are advised to send their e-mail contacts to the above specified PIN e-mail address, or otherwise ensure that PIN knows their contact details.

In case the bidder does not inform PIN about corresponding e-mail address PIN will send the copy of the answer to any e-mail address available to PIN from public sources and then the bidder cannot claim that they/it did not know the same information as other bidders.

Questions could be answered only until December 7th, 2023 until 1 p.m. PIN does not guarantee that all questions will be answered.

Find tender here: https://westernbalkans.peopleinneed.net/media/publications/2132/file/tender-notice---purchase-of-hybrid-car-final.pdf

Additional documentation: 

1. Eligibility_sworn_statement: https://westernbalkans.peopleinneed.net/media/publications/2133/file/eligibility_sworn_statement.pdf

2. Annex 2 - Technical Specifications for Hybrid Car: https://westernbalkans.peopleinneed.net/media/publications/2134/file/annex-2---technical-specifications-for-hybrid-car.pdf

3. Annex_1 - Quation Form: https://westernbalkans.peopleinneed.net/media/publications/2135/file/annex_1---quation-form.xlsx

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