Kovy in Sarajevo – Famous Czech YouTuber heads to Bosnia and Hezegovina with People in Need

Published: Dec 6, 2022 Reading time: 2 minutes
Kovy in Sarajevo – Famous Czech YouTuber heads to Bosnia and Hezegovina with People in Need
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Kovy, a well-known Czech YouTuber, headed to Sarajevo accompanied by Media Coordinator, Tereza Hronová, not only to explore the local sights, cuisine and culture, but also to take a look at several projects that People in Need is currently implementing in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Firstly, he collected garbage as part of a program that helps improve waste sorting in Sarajevo. People in Need helps educate the wider community, purchase containers, and train waste management workers. He then visited a waste sorting and recycling line in Sarajevo Canton . It is supported through our Real Aid program which focuses on foreign aid in four areas: Livelihoods, Health, Education and Water.

"Thanks to Czech help hopefully, a little less waste will end up in the big mixed landfill," said Kovy.
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Another organisation that People in Need has been supporting for a long time is the Kompas 071. Kompas helps people living or transiting through Sarajevo. It helps between 200 and 400 people a week by providing them with clothes and a place to wash and shower. Kompas is supported by funds from the Club of Friends, which is money raised by regular donors.

Kovy enjoyed microgreens at the Greens organisation. Greens, thanks to the support of People in Need, helps people with disabilities join the labour market. Here, people with disabilities can grow edible flowers or microgreens and make home-growing kits with which allows customers to grow edible flowers like houseleek/sempervivum themselves. It is able to provide temporary housing for its clients and educate them about the farming and growing processes, thanks to development cooperation from the Czech Republic. 

The projects “Effective Waste Management System in Kanton Sarajevo” and “My Work” are realized with the financial support from the Government of the Czech Republic under the Foreign Development Cooperation Programme. The trip took place within the framework of the 1Planet4All project, supported by the European Union.

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