First three trucks carrying humanitarian aid en route to Ukraine, two more will join in Slovakia

Published: Apr 6, 2022 Reading time: 4 minutes
First three trucks carrying humanitarian aid en route to Ukraine, two more will join in Slovakia
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People in Need (PIN) sent the first convoy of trucks loaded with humanitarian aid, as requested by representatives of Lviv in western Ukraine. Trucks courtesy of the Karel Komárek Family Foundation carry a load of durable food, hygiene items, diapers, sleeping bags, mats, and other goods. This aid was acquired from, Tesco, Bidfood and either completely free or at a great discount.

The PIN team has arrived in Lviv, where the humanitarian situation is expected to start deteriorating rapidly. Tens of thousands of internally displaced people are flocking to this western Ukrainian city while sirens signal the threat of Russian attack. Our employees stationed in Lviv are safe and ready to provide aid.


An up-to-date overview of PIN's activities

West of Ukraine

People in Need's trucks regurarly arrive in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv with much-needed humanitarian aid. We also provide psychological assistance in the region and help to create refugee centres in smaller towns. Trains from the Czech Republic with humanitarian aid arrive in Kiev.

East of Ukraine

We distribute water, food parcels and hygiene items in eastern Ukraine. We provide direct financial assistance to particularly vulnerable families. We are sending trains to Dnipro, from where is the aid distributed to other places. Two of our trucks got to the city of Sumy.

Czech Republic

Social workers assist refugees in almost all regions, we are part of the organizational structures and we participate in the creation of systemic solutions for the integration of incoming Ukrainians. We have established a telephone hotline in Ukrainian language. We financially support helping organizations.

Border States

In Moldova, we have reinforced our existing office and are helping to set up and equip accommodation facilities for Ukrainian refugees in cooperation with local organisations. In Romania, we also financially support local organisations. In Slovakia, in cooperation with Človek v ohrození, we are helping at border crossings I inside the country and with aid coordination in the Ukrainian Transcarpathian region.

Another team from PIN arrived on the Slovak border on Saturday, working with other organizations to provide support to those waiting for safe crossing. Aid, transportation, and shelter—such as insulated tents for displaced children—are key resources along the border. PIN staff has also organized assistance at the Romanian border near Moldova, where multi-kilometer queues are forming as people wait to cross. In this region, the displaced people of Ukraine lack basic needs such as food, water, and hygiene products. 

Together with a consortium of NGOs working with migrants, we launched a portal for matching offers and requests for assistance to Ukraine. At the PIN helpline, SOS Ukraine accepts calls from over a thousand people a day as they either offer or request aid. 

Help for Lviv

The first convoy carries material aid worth over 10 million CZK, but preparations are already underway for the handling of other convoys. "We help and will help as much as possible. That is why we are glad that we were able to connect with PIN and donate the necessary food and hygiene items that will go to Ukraine, "says Olin Novák, director of Rohlí

Three trucks left Prague, the other two loaded goods in warehouses in Slovakia. We planned to cross the Ukrainian border together on Monday morning.

"The needs of Ukraine are huge. We are sending the first convoy of humanitarian aid to Lviv, which requested it, and we will continue deliveries in trucks and by rail. We thank donors who provide free provision or with a significant discount and in large quantities according to the requirements of the Ukrainian side," said Šimon Pánek, director of PIN.

The convoys will carry durable food, basic hygiene aids, medical supplies, and other items requested for targeted assistance. Targeted assistance will also be supplied to other areas of Ukraine.

Border assistance

The team from the Czech Republic arrived on the Slovak border on Saturday, where they managed to secure access to the Ukrainian side. Queues stretching kilometers are forming at border crossings and basic needs are missing on the Ukrainian side: food, water, and hygiene. "Together with our partner People in Need Slovakia, we are supplying mobile toilets, building insulated tents for children, and preparing food distribution for people who are forced to wait in long queues. We have also contacted the mayor of Velykiy Berezniy and are coordinating assistance to people who are gathering at the border. We expect that the number of refugees will increase in the coming days," Marek Štys, head of humanitarian aid at PIN, tells us from the ground in Ukraine.

Another team has begun working in the Romanian city of Iași, where a large number of Ukrainian refugees are flowing through. PIN is working with local associations to organize assistance, supporting them financially and helping them build capacity, as many organizations in the region have no experience supplying humanitarian aid. "We also want to help people with special needs, such as children and the elderly,” says PIN coordinator Elena Terzi, “Sometimes it happens that someone brings only children to the border. The father must be in the military and the mother is in a critical state. They choose to stay in Ukraine and try to send their children to safety."

An additional PIN team is in Moldova, heading for the Ukrainian border.

Over a thousand people call every day

Since the beginning of the invasion, more than a thousand people have been calling the SOS Ukraine helpline every day. "In the evening and at night, people call while under fire in Ukraine— from shelters and cellars— who want to help with the evacuation or cry on the phone,” says helpline coordinator Veronika Gabrielová, “In the morning, people call from the border crossings, Ukrainians who worked in the Czech Republic call, family members who have relatives in Ukraine call. During the day, people call for help, people who want to help but don’t know how to. Companies, cities, institutions, benefit organizers, and the like also offer their help,” adds Gabrielová.

People in Need does not organize volunteers or public material collections itself and instead coordinates to help other NGOs.

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