AMPLIFYING LOCAL VOICES FOR EQUITABLE DEVELOPMENT Small Grants for Local and Grassroots Civil Society Organizations in Kosovo and South Serbia

People in Need Western Balkans

“Amplifying Local Voices for Equitable Development” (ALVED) is a British government-funded project running from September 2020 through March 2023. The project is implemented in five municipalities in Kosovo and three local self-government units in South Serbia by a consortium made up of Peaceful Change initiative (PCi), a UK-registered charity, People in Need, a Czech-based non-governmental organization, NGO Aktiv (Kosovo), Peer Educators Network-PEN (Kosovo), and Civic Initiatives (Serbia). 
The overriding objective of the project is to ensure that citizens in Kosovo and Serbia are better able to empathise with one another’s perspectives, play active civic roles in society, and celebrate diversity. Grassroots civil society actors are offered capacity-building opportunities as well as funding for local initiatives that aim to improve cooperation between local authorities and residents.
This grant scheme supported local-level, grassroots initiatives to help deal with the impact of Covid19 on local communities. Selected CSOs addressed the impacts of the pandemic on youth (four projects), women and girls (four projects), and persons with disabilities (four projects) while incorporating cross-community activities.