REPORT_Report on the state of inclusion of PwDs in employment , BIH 2021

The report (in Bosnian) on the state of inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) in employment processes is the result of a survey conducted in the period from November 2020 to March 2021 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and includes the results obtained from the analysis of data collected from several actors in the employment process of persons with disabilities. The reports includes conclusions and recommendations for improvement.
It is noticeable that different actors recognize similar problems in the process of hiring people with disabilities, and that employers, as one of the most important actors, have so far been the least involved in the process. There is also a large difference in the level of information and knowledge about the rights and opportunities, as well as a significant degree of discouragement PwDs to act to find employment. We believe that this is a consequence of long-term social exclusion, cultured helplessness, but also the unavailability of clear, transparent, and accessible information and support.
The research was conducted within the project "My job - Economic Opportunities for People with Disabilities", which was implemented by People in Need Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with partners: Nešto više, ProReha and the Udruženje Sumero in 2020/2021.